1 Million Goofy Downloads

1m_DownloadsGoofyBooth passed 1 Million downloads today!  It is one of the apps I am most proud of, and super excited that it passed 1 Million in under a year and a half.

Below are some interesting notes about Goofy Glass:

– Rating = 4.18.  My highest free app.
– Biggest Country = Russia, 70% of my users are Russian.
– Total Version Updates = 14.  Bug fixes, new features, and more support.  With more in the pipe.
– Original release date: Sept 8th, 2012.

Check it out on the play store:

Sneak Peak – Voice Changers 2.0

VC_viewThe long awaited refresh is almost here! Nearly two years ago I pushed out Funny Voice Changer. The response I received was well above what I ever expected. The app has received a lot of positive reviews, but it has also had a fair share of negative ones.

The majority of the bad reviews are simply because the app doesn’t work well on their device. And let’s face it if an app doesn’t work well it should receive a negative review. Part of this is because of how the Android audio system works, a lot of developer have run into similar problems, and it is hard to get it right. Of course this isn’t an excuse, and I’ve recently taken up the challenge to fix the problems and get it right once and for all.

It has always bothered me that the voice changers have had these flaws. Of all of my apps these are the only ones that have embarrassed me slightly. The algorithm is fantastic, but the quantity of devices that run into problems and visual polish just isn’t to the level of quality I am used to. I’ve been super busy, and never had the time to invest into these fixes.

But I finally have invested the time, and soon a new version of the voice changers will be born. So look forward to a completely redesigned app soon. It will be well worth the wait.

Palette Painter Version 2.3.1 Released.

I just release a new version of Palette Painter. There are some really great new features below:

– Improved Save/Load
The entire system for storing palettes was redone to be faster and more stable. It should be instantly noticeable for anyone that has been using it for a while. Saves should complete in less than a couple seconds in most cases. There shouldn’t be any lag when switching between screens. And data should no longer get lost.

– New Undo Bars
With the change of the save system new Undo Bars were added. This allows to easily delete, save, or load without having to click an accept button. But it still allows for easily restoring data or stopping a load in the middle if a mistake was made.

– Improved Widget
With KitKat 4.4 some changes were made to access privileges that broke updating widgets. This has been fixed in the new version and enhancements have been made to widgets to be faster.

– Upgraded Billing
The in-app billing code has been upgraded to Android’s latest version. With this purchases should be more stable, with less hiccups along the way. Also a new feature was added to automatically check for your purchases, so if you’ve removed ads before it will show up on other devices you use.

– Repaint Loader
A new nifty feature that allows you to watch as your painting gets repainted again. It shows each stroke individually and you can see the last hour of painting in a creative way in less than a minute.

– Coloring Book Pages
A few new coloring book pages were added.

Let me know what you think. As always I love making improvements to my apps, so please don’t hesitate to email me any questions, comments, or thoughts you have.

As always, you can find the latest version on the Play Store:

Voice changers over 100k

Scary Voice Changer has passed 100k downloads!  That makes the second Giveway Games app that has passed 100k downloads; Funny Voice Changer was the first which is currently at 160k.  Palette Painter still has a long journey to go, 29k and growing slowly.  Keep your eye on this site over the next couple weeks as we have a big announcement coming soon.

Funny Voice reaches 50k Downloads

As of yesterday Funny Voice Changer hit a major milestone of 50,000 downloads.  Thanks to all those who have downloaded it and for the great feedback I have received.

I had the idea to do a voice changer app over 2.5 years ago when I first was learning about Fourier transforms and manipulating audio streams.  It wasn’t until I graduated a few months ago when I finally had the time, means, and phones to be able to put it together.  I never thought it would get the traction that it has, but I am glad that it is as well received as it has been.