Voice changers over 100k

Scary Voice Changer has passed 100k downloads!  That makes the second Giveway Games app that has passed 100k downloads; Funny Voice Changer was the first which is currently at 160k.  Palette Painter still has a long journey to go, 29k and growing slowly.  Keep your eye on this site over the next couple weeks as we have a big announcement coming soon.

Funny Voice reaches 50k Downloads

As of yesterday Funny Voice Changer hit a major milestone of 50,000 downloads.  Thanks to all those who have downloaded it and for the great feedback I have received.

I had the idea to do a voice changer app over 2.5 years ago when I first was learning about Fourier transforms and manipulating audio streams.  It wasn’t until I graduated a few months ago when I finally had the time, means, and phones to be able to put it together.  I never thought it would get the traction that it has, but I am glad that it is as well received as it has been.